Welcome to Amish America DVD

Produced and Designed by John E. Swanson, Jes Video
Hosted by author John M. Zielinski

IN A TIME OF VIOLENCE in urban America it is remarkably peaceful in the middle of Amish America. The Amish are doubling in size every twenty years - and many outsiders are joining. You'll learn why as you view - and watch over again - this award winning documentary.

The Amish have been in our midst for many decades. Some might say that there has always been a mystery about them. That's not really true. John M. Zeilinski set out 35 years ago documenting the Amish in America in words, films, exhibits, books - and now with this video in DVD format.

Today the Amish are in 25 states, from Maryland to Montana, from Canada to Texas. This presentation is close and personal with "hitch rail" interviews.

WELCOME TO AMISH AMERICA is the first DVD Documentary of the Amish. It is the first movie to feature the Old Order Amish.

Seen on PBS - now in Dolby Surround Sound.

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The Amish Across America

The companion book to  Welcome to Amish America DVD


   Is the Amish way of life replete with self-imposed hardships - or is it the other way around?
   Worries generally flow from complex situations. The simpler the lifestyle, the less to worry about. In this time of fear in our cities, there is a growing recognition of peace and quiet in the rural Amish communities scattered across this land.

   The Amish are very much with us across America, and so are their barn raisings, winter ice cuttings, sewing bees and many other remnants of the past. Their social order allows them to share work and problems with their brethren, much different than the rest of America where one might go for years with out getting to know the next door neighbor. The Amish live today much like the pioneers in America lived more than a century ago. Why is it they want to partake of the simple life, without modern conveniences? Find out.

   This excellent compilation, a book depicting the Amish way, has over two hundred and seventy-five photos of Amish as they go about their daily routines. Read about Amish history - from religious persecution in Europe, to settling in America and how the people have adapted. If one wants to learn how to simplify life, then learn from those with centuries of experience. Why is it that the Amish clock ticks at a different rate than that of the modern world?.

   John M. Zielinsky is one of the few people who was able to develop a trusting relationship with the Amish communities across America, so that they allowed him to photograph them as they work, play and socialize.

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